Opole (Poland, 13.12.2014)

Youthfulness, passion and extraordinary talent

The pianist Anna Miernik appeared on stage. The artist had been entrusted with only a seemingly easy task – to perform the Piano Concerto by H. M. Górecki. This minimalistic composition requires a suitable technique, which will render the monumentality of the work, and, at the same time, prevent the pianist from being overwhelmed by repetitive chords. You could get the impression a heavily built man was playing the piano. Anna’s rendition of the solo part was particularly interesting. Waves of good energy were flowing from the stage and the artist managed to influence the orchestra with them. As a result, the strings were a splendid support for the soloist with their truly majestic sound. In the second piece of contemporary music Anna Miernik has proved she is a versatile artist, who feels at ease with various styles of music. I am really pleased that young artists do face such challenges and are not afraid of avant-garde music.

Twoja Muza

Almaty (Kazakhstan, 30.10.2014)

A unique concert took place in Almaty, during which Polish artists not only impressed the audience with their high culture, but they were also telling about their home country through musical means. A wave of emotions overwhelmed the listeners as soon as they had heard the first notes. Patrycja and Anna attempted to reach their principal aim – to make classical music widely accessible to the general public. It seemed as if the musicians and the audience were feasting together and conversing in the language of music.

Albert Achmetow


A marvellous concert! I am delighted that the Polish music of the 20th c., which is little known here in Kazakhstan, has been presented to us. The duo (Patrycja Piekutowska, Anna Miernik) is tightly-knit and harmonious, a real team. It is clearly seen the artists are not only soloists, but also outstanding chamber musicians at a genuinely European level. The pianist displayed perfect technique that was essential for performing the 20th c. music. For some reasons this music requires the performing artist to demonstrate higher intelligence, rationality and technical preparation. I am grateful for such repertoire. The time has come, in the second decade of the 21st c. to get to know Polish classical music of the second half of the 20th c.

Jhanar Suleimanova

Reviews of the CD ‘Sonatas’

The masterpieces of western romanticism – the two best-known violin sonatas by Brahms and Franck are often performed at concerts and recorded on CDs by the most prominent violinists. Patrycja, however, is not afraid of comparisons, as she does play brilliantly and emotionally. In addition, she has teamed up with an excellent partner, Anna Miernik, a young pianist, who plays an equivalent role in these sonatas by setting the rhythm of music, keeping the tempo and leading to ecstatic climaxes.    

Bronisław Tumiłowicz, Przegląd weekly

Performing the amazing Franck’s sonata both artists skilfully highlight the changing moods and nuances of tone. An enjoyable piece of classical music.

Newsweek Polska

Sydney Opera House (Australia, 02.09.2013)

‘It was an extraordinary spectacle of colourful tones which, combined with the waves of Port Jackson Bay in the background, gave unforgettable impressions. Concerts for piano and clarinet are a real rarity, even in such a renowned venue, as one of the most famous opera theatres in the world – Sydney Opera House. Clarinet and piano together do not feature in here very frequently, therefore this recital can be considered quite exceptional. During the recital both artists presented a dazzling array of sounds that formed a dialogue between the clarinet and the piano rendering the mood of each composition.
Anna Miernik, as a perfect partner, superbly complemented the performance. Sensitive piano playing, beautifully formed sounds, a variety of tones and colours, and a remarkable way of presenting melodic phrase, all well deserve full credit. For the encore the audience listened to (you should rather say they were enchanted by the unusual aura that was created by both the artists and the mood of Fragment H by Zbigniew Lampart.’

Bumerang Media, Krzysztof Bajkowski

Perth (Australia, 17.08.2013)

‘After PolArt 2012 this concert was the greatest Polish cultural event of 2013 in Perth. In the program were works of the most famous and most extraordinary Polish composers: Witold Lutoslawski, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Fryderyk Chopin. With the exception of Chopin these composers were not known or played in Australia. This concert was indeed a rare occasion to get acquainted with the style and depth of originality of the compositions but also to admire its complexity and beauty. Very talented young Polish musicians (Anna Miernik – piano) made the concert a huge artistic event; Concert of the Year! Their interpretation was met with great admiration.’


Orchard Lake (USA, 13.07.2013)

‘Anna Miernik’s performance at Orchard Lake exuded a quiet charm as she participated in compositions for violin and piano with Ms. Patrycja Piekutowska. It is interesting to note that this was the debut of the joint performance for the two artists. What I was pleased to hear was the very mature and natural level of her playing in these duets. It was as though the two artists were having a conversation. Very nice! A real joy to listen to their performances.’

Frank J. Dmuchowski, Polish weekly

Ottawa (Canada, 15.07.2013)

‘Works by Paderewski and Lutoslawski were played after the intermission and the talents of Anna Miernik were evident in the piano and violin pieces.’

The Epoch Times

‘Magnificent Polish artists – Patrycja Piekutowska, an outstanding violinist, and Anna Miernik, an excellent pianist, presented the works of great Polish composers to the Canadian audience.’

Zenon Kosiniak – Kamysz – Polish Ambassador in Ottawa

Katowice (Poland, 18.10.2012)

‘After Chopin’s music we listened to Anna Miernik performing compositions of Chopin’s followers; in her recital we could witness a clear interpretative crescendo from Claude Debussy’s Estampes to Alexander Scriabin’s Sonata-Fantasy in G-sharp minor op. 19 (in two parts!) with a frenetic dash in Presto that was rendered in a virtuoso manner, as if seen from the perspective of the final of Chopin’s Sonata in B flat minor. Figurative breeze, rough waves, rising and falling tide were masterly contrasted in the pianist’s interpretation with the previous section, namely Andante, in which the artist displayed her improvisational skills. You could feel the Russian soul, but also some traits of Beethoven’s music. A wide variety of different textures posed a serious challenge, however the artist confidently dealt with it, proving she feels at ease in this ecstatic world of sounds; the world that used to be so close to professor Żmudziński.’

Bożena Gieburowska – Gabryś